Welcome to Eric Cecil Imagery. Making visual art through photography and video has been an important part of my life for over 6 years now. Many of you may know me primarily as a classical musician, which is how I naturally segued into first making music videos. To me, the camera is simply just another medium in which to create beauty and to communicate with others. However, I've found capturing and sharing visual imagery to be unique to other artistic outlets in some important ways. We can certainly not take for granted that people see what and how we see. People bring their entire self to how they literally perceive the external world. My world, ever since early childhood, has been one full of intricate detail, ineffable beauty and contemplative wonderment. I now feel that at long last I can express and communicate what has been trapped behind my eyes. I take no credit for the beauty I strive to capture, as it is not mine but the world's. I simply try to frame it so you may also view and say, much too the dismay of our isolation, "I see it too".